In recent times, more and more people have been showing and expressing their interest in the zodiac signs, tarot card readings, manifestations, and healing gems and crystals due to the energy, luck, and peace among the many purposes they have and may bring along. There is a healing crystal and gem for each need and purpose. However, they are not only gaining attention because of the many purposes of each healing gem and crystal but because of how pleasing they look as well with each design as well as how they come in different colors, shapes, sizes, and styles to be used or worn in the form of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings usually as the most common ones.


If you are looking for new ways to wear or use your gem and crystals, here are 3 creative ways to use healing gems and crystals.


1.Incorporate The Gems and Crystals Into Your Outfit of the Day


Like what was said, many gems and crystals are now worn as accessories in the form of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and sometimes even rings. These gems and crystals when worn give off certain energy so they are not just pretty to look at, they serve a purpose to lift up your mood or give you a certain boost as well. There are stores that sell these products already and often they are brands that hand craft these gems and crystals into different accessories or jewelry that you can buy from and support because often they are legitimate and offer fair trade while supporting and believing in the tradition in which this comes from.


However, if you feel quite creative, you can make or craft your gems and crystals into personalized jewelry that you can wear throughout the day with your outfit! That, or you can go to a jewelry store and have them personalize it for you if you want a more professional hand at work. However, it is very important to remember that these are not just simple or regular jewelry, these are healing gems and crystals that have chakra and power that you must not take lightly and must keep in mind to use with proper care aligned with their purpose.


2. Read More About The Chakras


Derived from the Sanskrit word cakra, which stands for “wheel”, chakras are believed to be everlasting spinning energy disks that directly or indirectly affect the spiritual or mental wellbeing as they correspond with our major organs and nerve endings. There are seven chakras that are the main energy centers of our human bodies. By knowing the differences between these chakras, what colors are associated with them or what elements each chakra represents,  you would be able to fully understand and think of ways as to how you can maximize the use of each healing gem and crystal that represent and resonates with the chakras.


3.Take Proper Care of Your Gems and Crystals


There are proper ways in which you can maximize the use of each gem and crystal, but in order to be able to achieve this, you first need to take proper care of your gems and crystals. Like anything else that requires your attention and care, they will work at best once taken proper care of. In order to do this, you must ensure that they are properly cleansed, placed at optimal locations in your household for example, so that they can recharge and be used for their full healing capabilities and maybe even serve as decorations that your visitors may look at and find pleasing due to their beautiful shapes, sizes and colors.


These healing gems and crystals come from a beautiful tradition and belief system that has been passed from generation to generation. Not only that, oftentimes, these crystals and gems are sourced from places such as New Delhi in India where the tradition came from. These healing gems and crystals have certain charged vibrations of energy that often target specific causes as well. So it is important to be careful first and foremost when handling them because they are not just for decorative or accessorizing purposes. Beneath their appealing aesthetic, they have a much deeper purpose and this must not be taken lightly.


It is a good thing to take interest in this culture, but there must also be an accompanying respect and appreciation for it’s rich history and what it truly represents. It is simply just not enough to look at these healing gems and crystals on the surface level. Above all, one must understand most importantly that these are not just simple everyday gems and crystals, this comes from a history, tradition and belief system that continues to enrich their culture everyday with every flow as they continue to believe in their roots so it is important to treat this interest and curiosity with utmost respect above all else.


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